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Global leader in private jet charter

As a global leader within the private jet charter industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently outperform our competitors and provide our clients with unparalleled levels of luxury.

Understanding the demands of International Business, the pressures of time and the requirement for a discreet and professional service are the core elements that we believe make Fly Nautic special.

As we all know, some occasions in life deserve to be exceptional; a jet offers the ultimate in convenience and luxury travel as well as being able to provide a limitless choice of destination.

Whether it be major cities, or flights to remote poorly serviced locations, my dynamic team are always on hand to offer sound professional advice for corporate, or leisure travel.

Whether you’re preparing for a crucial meeting or need rest after a hectic day, we can provide seamless worldwide travel in premium comfort and style to make sure you feel at home whenever you take to the skies.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard with Fly Nautic for your next flight.

Why choose Fly Nautic for your private jet charter?


We offer the newest and most luxurious jets available in the charter market and have access to more than 8,000 aircraft across all size categories and are able to meet your requests whether it be for a short, or long haul flight travelling in utmost comfort and safety.


Fly Nautic offers charters on a modern fleet of jets flown by highly experienced and professional pilots. Our clients safety and onboard comfort is of paramount importance; hence Fly Nautic offer our clients charters on a modern fleet of aircraft flown by experienced, professional pilots and supported onboard by well trained flight attendants.


Fly Nautic guarantees your privacy and we will work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your private charte


Our global network of luxury private aircraft allows you the flexibility to reach a remote location; or simply to arrive closer to your final destination than a scheduled service would allow.


Private jet charter allows you to to have the flexibility to travel at the time that suits your business or leisure schedule.

Fly Nautic can tailor charter flights to connect with intercontinental flights where commercial flight connections maybe impossible.


Your dedicated charter expert is available 24/7 to assist you with any requirements you may have, from arranging in-flight cuisine to making last minute changes to your private charter.


Avoid lengthy check in procedures, queues and unnecessary delays. Passengers on private charters are able to arrive at the airport just 20 minutes before take off, pass VIP security and immediately board the aircraft.


Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your private charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.


We work extremely hard to offer passengers an unbeatable travel experience both on the ground and in the air. Our uncompromising attention to detail has earned us 5 star reviews.

Planning a trip? Let Fly Nautic take care of you

Fly Nautic pride ourselves in making sure we understand all our clients needs. A luxury private charter is never a package you simply purchase, but a specialised solution that is tailored to individual needs for each and every trip.

We supply luxury jets for a wide variety of international clientele ranging from private individuals, sports teams, entertainment management companies, corporate companies, relief agencies and governments.

Fly Nautic are here to help so call us today and allow us to find the best private jet charter prices, ensuring you always receive the most cost effective solution. Call +44 207 659 6103