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Corporate travel
Relax, it’s business as usual on our fleet

At Fly Nautic we like feel we have everything covered. We pride ourselves in having a large international database of aircraft and can arrange charters 24/7 - 365 days a year. With a dedicated highly trained personal account manager, helping with planning and ensuring any last-minute changes are made quickly and smoothly, our ‘Corporate Travel Charter Service’ is efficient, highly personal, extremely flexible and tailored to your exact requirements.

Aircraft can be chartered individually, or we can charter and co-ordinate a range of different types of aircraft, in any combination, to or from any location. We can charter long-haul, narrow and wide-bodied jet airliners, configured to accommodate larger numbers of passengers, in first-class or business-class environments. This is why our executive jet charter service is used regularly by CEOs and senior directors as they feel it’s extremely cost-effective especially when considering scheduled

flight options, which involve more time away from the office, inconvenient travel times, expensive hotel bills and costly client entertainment.

We can charter regional jet airliners for short and medium-haul journeys, for 18 passengers and over; ideal for your sales staff, media contacts, exhibition and conference teams and customer groups. Your corporate charter could also include a large cargo aircraft for the co-ordinated transportation of conference stage sets, exhibition stands, display products and machinery.

With our seamless integrated service across private jets, helicopters and limousines, we are able to arrange even the most complex, multi leg journeys to ensure you meet the tightest schedule and optimise the use of your time; both on the ground and whilst airborne.

Arrive refreshed with our corporate air travel

  • Flexibility - to choose the most cost-effective mix of charter aircraft for your event
  • Save time – avoid check-in queues, lengthy security checks, delayed flights and over-night stops
  • Rapid response – if itineraries change, we can make arrangements to ensure your travel plans continue to run smoothly
  • Communication – many charter aircraft have on-board, multi-media facilities, such as a satellite phones, internet connection and fax
  • Comfort – luxury cabins are comfortable and quiet - so everyone arrives at the destination feeling relaxed and refreshed. We can charter aircraft with ample space for on-board meetings

Delivering service beyond your expectations

Ready to book your private jet charter? Whether traveling for business or leisure contacting Fly Nautic is the first step in allowing us to take care of all your needs. Lets us arrange seamless worldwide air travel, private transfers by car or helicopter, luxury private accommodation or the freedom and fun of a superyacht.

We’ll cover every detail and provide a tailored solution. Call Fly Nautic +44 207 659 6103 and allow us to arrange a truly memorable travel experience and ensure you receive a discreet and professional service.