Emergency response aircraft

Emergency Response

We can respond rapidly to any crisis at any point on the globe. Aircraft can be chartered individually, or we can charter and co-ordinate a range of different types of aircraft in any combination from any location to suit the situation.

Private charter aircraft could be used to transport relief experts and planners to a disaster area. We also have Turbo-props available to access remote regions or where there are short runways or limited facilities.

We can also charter short or long-haul, narrow and wide-bodied jet airliners to transport rescue teams, rescue equipment, medical personnel and equipment and media crews.

For most of our worldwide humanitarian aid situations, we charter cargo aircraft to provide large quantities of medicines, medical equipment, food, water, vehicles, machinery, shelter, clothing, fuel and spares.

Ensuring help gets to those in need

  • Flexibility to choose the most cost-effective mix of charter aircraft for the situation
  • Immediate response from our worldwide team of account managers - experts in all aspects of relief chartering including airport slots, traffic rights, ground- air co-ordination and cargo handling
  • Our charter experts are available 24/7 - 365 days a year, dedicated to providing an immediate response, however short your timescales, however large and complex the situation
  • Vast experience of successfully organising multiple aircraft charters for rapid, mass air evacuations of civilians or military personnel from conflict zones, worldwide